1% Commission

Traditional real estate agents charge between 2 to 4%.
We charge far less, so you keep more.

How do we keep our commission so low?

Traditional real estate agents charge between 2 to 4%. Our combination of technology, innovation and real estate expertise means we can charge far less and still get a you a better result. We cut out all the traditional Real Estate Agent busywork that doesn't add value and pass all those savings on to you. The two main examples of this are:

You host your Open Homes

When you personally showcase your property, you connect with buyers on a deeper level, highlighting unique features and sharing the story behind your home. This direct interaction allows you to address questions, and you have the flexibility to set convenient viewing times.

Taking charge of your Open Homes empowers you to make a lasting impression and increases the likelihood of finding the perfect match for your property. It's your home, your story – let's tell it together!

Our approach to appraisals is different

Our Agents don't come out to your house to do an appraisal. Instead of a guess, based on a quick visit to your property, our appraisals are based on photos, floorplans, LIM, and a Building Inspection report for a more accurate estimate. This means you get the appraisal a little later in the process.

While useful to guide pricing, we think that there can be too much emphasis on appraisals. Chosing your agent based on their appraisal can be ill-advised. Some overprice to secure business, only to later negotiate down. The market, not the agent, determines the actual price. Our Open Auction approach is effective, letting the market decide the value through competitive bidding.

Nothing upfront, no hidden extras

Our price includes everthing you need to sell your property.

Photos, Floorplan and Walkthrough

We provide the professional photographer who will take around 20 photos, an indicative floorplan and a Matterhorn 3D Walkthrough.

LIM Report

We obtain a copy of your property's LIM report from the relevant council. The LIM is shared with buyers to help them make more reliable offers.

Building Inspection Report

We organise a Building Inspection and subsequent report. The Building Inspection Report is shared with buyers to help them make more reliable offers.

Premium Property Listings

You get a Premium Trade Me Property Listing, and listed on all the other major sites, including industry exclusive realestate.co.nz and OneRoof.

'For Sale' sign and Open Home posters

You get a large sized 'For Sale' sign to install at your property, along with Open Home posters, and an online visitor book.

Open Auction

You get access to our Open Auction platform to help you get the best results, safely backed by a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Get your property listed on all the major sites

We help you reach every buyer by listing both on TradeMe and Real Estate Agent exclusive listing sites.

What happens next?

When you create your account, your Wave licensed Real Estate Agent will give you a quick call to introduce themselves, answer any questions about our process, understand what's unique about your property, and get everything kicked off.

So if you are ready for a break with tradition, want better offers and fairer commissions, let's make waves together.