About Wave

The next generation
Real Estate Agency

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with the traditional approach to real estate here in New Zealand? It's a sentiment many of us share. Interestingly, in countries like Australia, the UK, Singapore, and Canada, real estate commissions tend to be significantly lower, often around 1-2%.

With the traditional approach, you are never quite sure whether your agent is acting in your best interests or theirs. It can feel that things are out of control, and you can feel very alone when there are hard choices to be made.

That's why we started Wave. We are not your typical real estate agency. Our ethos revolves around simplicity, transparency, and a focus on your needs. Selling your home shouldn't be such a complex, expensive, and opaque process.

At Wave, our aim is to streamline the selling experience. We cut out unnecessary steps and concentrate on what truly matters: you. Whether it's discussing pricing strategies or navigating offers, our agent led team is here to support you every step of the way. Your digital dashboard provides all the real-time data you need to feel fully in control, and never left in the dark.

If you're ready to move away from the traditional real estate approach and embrace a more straightforward, client-centric method, embracing modern technology but retaining the human connection, we invite you to join us.

Best regards,

Chris Caldwell
Team Wave