Key documents for more reliable offers

Buyers get a Building Inspection Report and LIM up front to avoid surprises later that could derail the sale.

Conditional offers can be risky, we reduce the risk

With a traditional sales process, around one in three conditional offers hit issues. This is often due to surprises in the LIM and Building Inspection report. We provide this information upfront resulting in more reliable offers.

Fewer conditions

Dealing with offers with numerous conditions can complicate and delay the selling process.

However, by providing essential documents upfront—like LIM and Building Inspection reports—we preempt many of these common conditions. This proactive approach streamlines transactions, fosters trust, and empowers buyers to make informed decisions.

With comprehensive information from the start, buyers are less likely to impose these conditions, reducing the risk of deals falling through due to surprises or uncertainties. This ensures smoother and more efficient transactions for everyone involved.

No surprises

By conducting the building inspection on your terms, and having the opportunity to address any issues that arise before listing, you take control of the selling process.

This means you can thoroughly assess the property's condition and make any necessary repairs or disclosures upfront, rather than being blindsided by surprises later on.

This proactive approach not only instills confidence in potential buyers but also minimizes the likelihood of deals falling through due to unexpected issues, ultimately ensuring a smoother and more transparent transaction for all parties involved.

What actually are these documents?

Why do buyers often include Land Information Memorandum (LIM) Report and the Building Inspection Report as conditions of their offer?

LIM Report

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM), issued by your local council, provides a comprehensive overview of your property's status and surrounding environment. It encompasses zoning details, building consents, environmental hazards, historical land use, and property boundaries.

Building Report

Conducted by a qualified inspector, a Building Inspection Report evaluates the structural integrity and overall condition of your property. It identifies structural issues, safety hazards, moisture problems, and maintenance recommendations.

What happens next?

When you create your account, your Wave licensed Real Estate Agent will give you a quick call to introduce themselves, answer any questions about our process, understand what's unique about your property, and get everything kicked off.

So if you are ready for a break with tradition, want better offers and fairer commissions, let's make waves together.